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To view 2/90 Sign Systems complete literature offering, please select the PDF link on the right. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar piece of software to view PDFs.



  • Catalog (PDF)
  • Essentials Brochure (PDF)
  • Introduction (PDF)
  • SafeCare (PDF)
  • Klik Flyer (PDF)
  • FlxSign (PDF)
  • InfoBoard Flyer (PDF)
  • VitalSign™ Brochure (PDF)
  • Digital Signage Flyer (PDF)
  • Exterior Signage Flyer (PDF)
  • PlusOne Workstation Nameplate (PDF)



  • Planning Flyer (PDF)
  • Installation Flyer (PDF)
  • Maintenance Flyer – SmartCare+ (PDF)



  • Color Chart (PDF)
  • Product Chart (PDF)
  • Klik & Klikless Product Chart (PDF)
  • Mounting Options (PDF)
  • Laser Print Typestyle Chart (PDF)
  • Copy Style Chart (PDF)
  • Copy Capacity Chart (PDF)
  • Symbols (PDF)
  • Adaptive™ Spec Guide (PDF)
  • VitalSign™ Spec Guide (PDF)
  • VitalSign™ How to Order (PDF)
  • VitalSign™ Patient Care Icons (PDF)
  • Order Form (PDF)



  • Healthcare Flyer (PDF)
  • Corporate Flyer (PDF)
  • Education Flyer (PDF)
  • Education K-12 ANSWERS™ Brochure (PDF)
  • Government Flyer (PDF)
  • Government Healthcare RESULTS™ Brochure (PDF)
  • Case Studies (Click to View)





  • Mount Installations (Click to View)
  • Laser-Print Template Instructions (PDF)
  • Pre-Spaced Application (PDF)
  • How to Replace an Insert for Heavy Duty Freestanding Sign (PDF)
  • SmartStrip (PDF)

CSI Specs


  • Interior CSI Specifications (DOC)
  • Exterior CSI Specifications (DOC)
  • Essentials Slide CSI Specifications (DOC)
  • Essentials Arc CSI Specifications (DOC)
  • Klik CSI Specifications (DOC)
  • Klikless CSI Specifications (DOC)
  • SafeCare CSI Specifications (DOC)
  • FlxSign CSI Specifications (DOC)

Sign Drawing Collections


  • Messages™ Window Signs (PDF) 
  • Social Distancing Offering (PDF)

Specialty Downloads



  • Capabilities Brochure (Download)
  • 2020 Commercial Price List & Spec Guide (Request)