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Reduce the risk of in-patient self-harm.

SafeCare™ Signs Help Protect the People in Your Care

In 2017, 2/90 Sign Systems developed SafeCare, in collaboration with The New York State Office of Mental Health, a groundbreaking signage system specifically designed for behavioral health environments.

SafeCare is made of polycarbonate, which prevents it from breaking, removing the possibility of a choking hazard or being used as a sharp weapon. Additionally, these signs have a low-profile design with beveled edges, reducing the risk of ligature. They are installed using tamper-resistant fasteners and adhesive for added security. With SafeCare signage, we are revolutionizing safety in behavioral health settings.

2/90 Sign Systems develops comprehensive interior and exterior wayfinding systems for healthcare clients. With more than four decades of experience planning, installing, and maintaining signage systems, 2/90 has a proven history of successfully managing turnkey signage projects including behavioral health facilities.

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Caro Psychiatric Hospital Case Study

Engineered for Safety. Designed to Inspire.

SAFECARE IS DESIGNED FOR PATIENT-SAFETY. In any behavioral health environment where there is concern for patient safety, it is imperative to look for ways to create a safer, friendlier environment using ligature-resistant products. SafeCare’s low-profile design and beveled edges inhibit a ligature point where a patient could use it with a strangulation tool in order to perform an act of self- harm.

In addition to ligature resistance, proper safety precautions must be put in place to ensure the safety of patients including tamper-resistant products. SafeCare is made of polycarbonate, which prevents it from breaking, removing the possibility of a choking hazard or being used as a sharp weapon. Paint and graphics are subsurface, including ADA-compliant tactile characters and Braille, to guard against tampering and destruction of property.

These ligature-resistant signs install securely with tamper-resistant, countersunk fasteners, plastic anchors, and adhesive. SafeCare is ideal for any facility where safety or durability are key factors, including healthcare facilities, schools, and institutional environments. We’re proud to say SafeCare is the only American-made sign product meeting the strict needs of the New York State Office of Mental Health Safety Standards.

  • Ligature-resistant design with low-profile and beveled edges.
  • Subsurface paint and graphics increase durability.
  • Subsurface ADA (SSA) compliant graphics.
  • Polycarbonate material does not break, removing the possibility of a choking hazard or creating sharp edges to inflict self-harm.
  • Sustainable attribute for message changes with supplied perforated paper inserts and online templates.
  • Select from 16 sign types to identify, inform, regulate, and direct.
  • Available in one or two color schemes. Choose matching or complementary color for ADA sign types.
  • Sign and copy colors are available in any of 2/90’s Prism and Design colors.
  • Custom colors, sizes, and shapes are available.
  • Made in the U.S.A.