by 2/90 Sign Systems

When information needs to change continuously, digital signage is a smart solution.

2/90 Sign Systems is excited to offer a complete line of digital signage to support our modular sign systems. Whether your need is wayfinding, visitor processing, or communicating current events and information, 2/90 Digital Signage will inform your staff and visitors more efficiently while enhancing their impression of your facility.

Use digital signage to help people find their destination quickly using interactive wayfinding directories. Broadcast multiple messages with digital bulletin boards. Use digital meeting room displays to identify destinations and display scheduling information. Take advantage of Customer Flow Management (CFM) systems to streamline queuing while capturing valuable information for your organization.

Our turnkey digital solution includes planning, design, software, hardware, decorative framing or kiosks, and technical support. Contact Client Services at 800.777.4310 to learn more about incorporating digital messaging with your facility signage for a more effective wayfinding program.

Download Digital Signage Flyer

More applications for digital signage:

  • Welcome Messaging
  • Directories and Directions
  • General Facility Information
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Queuing
  • Real-Time Messaging
  • Meeting Room Names
  • Event Listings and Schedules
  • Workforce Communications
  • Weather and News Feeds
  • Sense of Community
  • Differentiate your Facility
  • Reinforce Brand
  • Room Scheduling
  • Employee Recognition
  • Educational Messaging
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Menus
  • Donor Recognition
  • Emergency Procedure