Modular Sign System

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Hospital visitors and patients often have a lot on their minds. Navigating through a facility should not be one of them. 2/90 Sign Systems provides turnkey wayfinding solutions that are designed with people in mind. Wherever wayfinding products are needed, there is a 2/90 Sign Systems solution that is helping people find their way.

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Choose Slide when you’re looking for eye-catching detail elements such as end caps, various thicknesses and more.

Slide modular signs are simple and highly visible. Create your own custom look from the infinite combinations of three basic Slide components. Your custom Slide wayfinding system sends the right message about you and your facility, engaging visitors and directing them to their intended location.

When changes occur, simply replace the copy insert rather than the entire sign with your own printed inserts, or use replacement inserts from 2/90 Sign Systems. The extensive selection of three basic components (Rails, Inserts and End Caps) allows the Slide modular sign system to be customized into a near infinite variety of sizes, finishes and configurations.

Window signs communicate messages conveniently and instantly.

Window signs display any letter-size printed material, including photographs, under a protective, non-magnifying lens.  The clear, non-glare, acrylic face insert can be attached to the sign with a side-mounting hook or a front-loading magnetic strip.  Thumb-notch windows are also available.  An 8.5″ x 11″ viewing area is standard, but any size up to 400 square inches can be accommodated. Window sign mounting options include desk mount, wall mount and freestanding.

Highly Customizable

Choose from a variety of add-ons and accessories.


Display different messages, revealing or concealing them when needed. Any sign with an insert ranging from 1” to 4” high can accommodate a Reveal Insert accessory.

Paper Inserts

Easily update information with your own printed paper inserts. Slide modular signs accept any document, photograph or graphic image printed on standard paper sizes. Die-cut perforated paper is available from 2/90 Sign Systems in a variety of sizes, colors and textures. To change the insert, remove end cap and slide insert off rail, replace with new insert and secure with end cap.


Hold a variety of messages by adding our SmartStrip accessory to your signs. SmartStrip is available as an accessory to any of our signs or can be purchased separately. When purchased separately, they can be installed next to a sign or used alone to hold messages or postings.

Notched-End Cap

For window inserts with paper that need to change often, we recommend the notched-end cap. The paper and protective lens slide off easily without removing the end cap. This feature is available with Slimline end cap style in satin natural aluminum finish or painted colors.



Add additional detail to your design with top or bottom trim and accent strips. Available painted or in satin natural aluminum finish.

Slide Freestanding Options

Freestanding signs let you place messages where they’ll have the most impact; then easily move them to use in a different location or store until needed again.

Three different structural options allow you to select the viewing area that’s ideal for your needs: Light, Medium and Heavy Duty

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Slide Essentials

Whether you’re in healthcare, education, retail, public housing, parking, transportation or more, Essentials is an “Anxiety Remover” only 2/90 Sign Systems can offer. With Essentials you simply choose your style: Arc, Slide or Klik, and then your 2/90 Sign Systems expert will create an Essentials program-package that covers all the bases – the signs you want, and most importantly, the signs you need. We can even help install and maintain them for you.

When you choose Essentials by 2/90 Sign Systems, we remove any and all concerns about getting it right – the 1st time.

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