Modular Sign System

Meet Frame – A Dynamic Flex-Fit Modular Sign System.

2/90 Frame Modular Sign System is a picture-perfect solution for the new VA Design Manual’s “flex-fit” component-based sign system.

2/90 Frame accommodates front-loading inserts that fit securely in a precision-built frame assembly with hidden spring clips.  Each component within the frame system can be replaced, reconfigured, or updated so the sign can evolve with facility changes.

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Over half of the VAs choose 2/90’s sign products

2/90 Sign Systems has over four decades of industry experience, with a specialized focus of more than thirty years on VA projects leading the way in signage solutions. Over 50% of VA Medical Center facilities choose 2/90 signage solutions, a clear testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and service.

VA Designers Turn to 2/90 for Options

In line with this commitment, 2/90 Sign Systems proudly introduces  “Frame” – a dynamic flex-fit sign system aligning with the criteria outlined in the latest VA Design Manual.  This innovative system joins the ranks of existing 2/90 signage solutions, including “Slide” (rail system) and “FAI” (frame and backplate system), solidifying 2/90’s status as the sole manufacturer offering three of the four component-based sign systems featured in the VA Design Manual.

Moreover, 2/90 provides its government clients with unparalleled flexibility by offering three distinct procurement options: GSA, UNICOR, and commercial channels. This remarkable industry experience and dedication to excellence make 2/90 the go-to choice for VA signage solutions.



    • Aluminum frame design.
    • Front-loading graphic inserts.
    • Inserts secured by hidden tempered steel spring clips.
    • Extruded aluminum frame allows for any size sign.
    • Frame accepts horizontal and vertical accent strips.
    • Frame accepts various insert configurations and materials.
    • Standard anodized aluminum frame offers a beautiful finish.
    • Frame can also be painted in any of 2/90’s standard paint colors, VA colors, or custom color-match.
    • All parts can be easily changeable.
    • Environmentally friendly with recycled aluminum componentry and sustainable certified wood elements.

CSI Specs

  • Frame Modular Sign System CSI Specifications (DOC)
  • Frame Modular Sign System CSI Specifications (PDF)

Highly Customizable

Choose from a variety of add-ons and accessories.

Vertical and Horizontal Accent Strips

The frame offers the option to incorporate Vertical and Horizontal Accent Strips, allowing for customizable design elements and a range of insert configurations.

Paper Inserts

Effortlessly keep your information up-to-date by using custom-printed paper inserts. Our Frame modular signs are designed to accommodate any document, photograph, or graphic image printed on standard paper sizes. At 2/90 Sign Systems, we offer a range of die-cut perforated paper in various sizes, colors, and textures. To change the insert, simply slide it to the side of the frame to release the paper insert and protective lens.


Self-contained messages on your VitalSign board can be changed with a magnetic tool – reducing the need for touch to the sign’s surface.


Add our SmartStrip accessory to your signs to hold a variety of messages. SmartStrip is available as an accessory to any of our signs or can be purchased separately. When purchased separately, it can be installed next to a sign or used alone to hold messages or postings.


Display different messages, revealing or concealing them when needed. Any sign with an insert ranging from 1” to 4” high can accommodate a Reveal Insert accessory.




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