by 2/90 Sign Systems

Choose GloSigns wherever emergency egress is a concern

Photoluminescent, non-electrical, emergency egress signs.

The GloSign system is designed to help safeguard a building’s occupants in the event of an emergency evacuation. Non-electrical GloSign signage utilizes a photoluminescent material that absorbs and stores energy from fluorescent light sources, so in the event of an electrical power outage, GloSign will produce an immediately visible, illuminated pathway.

GloSign material may be specified for Arc and Slide inserts, Plaques Plus sign faces, frameless plaques or routed frame signs. Use GloSign wherever emergency egress is a concern – stairwells, hallways, corridors and rooms.

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Enhance emergency egress visibility with photoluminescent accessories such as tape and other marking materials. 30′ tape rolls are available in 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″ and 6″ widths. Striped tape, GloArrows, GloCircles, and GloDimensionals (letters and numbers) are also available.

Exit signs include mounting hardware for a choice of flush, perpendicular or ceiling-suspended applications. Exit signs are available as plaques or as inserts for 2/90 Arc and Slide modular sign systems.

GloSign is code-compliant with NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, ASTM E 2072-00 Specifications for Photoluminescent Safety Markings, ASTM E 2073-00 Photoluminescent Test Methods, ASTM E 2030-99 Guide for Photoluminescent Safety Markings. Specify either red or green copy.

New York Local Law 26 ComplianceGloSign is a comprehensive egress pathmarking system of products that includes photoluminescent signs, tapes and marking materials necessary to meet the New York Local Law 26 requirements.