Non-System Signage

Plaques Plus, Klikless, and Plaques

Cost-effective sign solutions when functionality isn't required.

When signs don’t need to change, choose an alternative to system signage.

Changeable signage is essential for any facility. But some signs rarely need to change like parking, elevators, restrooms, regulatory symbols, and the like. That’s why we created non-changeable sign solutions to complement our modular sign systems. Get the same look for less with Plaques Plus and Klikless. Or use consistent materials and graphics for even more savings with Plaques.



If functionality isn’t required, non-system signage is a great way to lower the total cost of a project without sacrificing aesthetics.


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a non-changeable version of Slide.

Plaques Plus coordinates with 2/90’s Slide Modular Sign System while lowering your overall project cost. To create a cohesive look, Plaques Plus signs look and feel like their Slide counterparts. The physical difference is that inserts are permanently attached to an ABS backer.

• 9/32” thick sign with inserts and end caps taped to ABS backer
• Choose from seven end cap styles
• Non-changeable
• No paper insert option
• ADA Direct Print graphics
• Direct Print non-ADA graphics
• Tape mount only
• Insert size matches sign size
• Available in one color insert option only


a non-changeable version of Klik.

KlikLess is an economical alternative to 2/90’s Klik Modular Sign System. Signs have the look and feel of Klik but inserts are permanently attached to their baseplates. The paper insert option allows for limited changeability. Less modularity equals less cost.

  • 3/16” thick acrylic insert permanently attached to 1/4” thick acrylic baseplate
  • Beveled edges
  • Changeable paper inserts in painted aluminum window carrier with .080” non-glare lens
  • ADA Direct Print graphics
  • Direct Print non-ADA graphics
  • Tape mount unless otherwise specified
  • Available in one or two color option
  • Changeable insert option available by upgrading to Klik Modular Sign System



a cost-effective sign solution with non-changeable messages.

Plaques provide an economical solution for your communication needs. They communicate clearly while providing ADA-compliancy. Insert materials, colors, and graphics provide a cohesive look with our system signage while contributing to budgetary constraints.

  • .093” thick ABS plastic plaque
  • Square and Round corners
  • Non-changeable
  • ADA Direct Print graphics
  • Direct Print non-ADA graphics
  • Tape mount only
  • Available in one color option only
  • Bespoke shapes and materials are also available.