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The give and take of corporate life. Maybe it’s an intense budget meeting, or a happy retirement party. No matter what’s on the agenda, clear and professional signage from 2/90 Sign Systems ensures that employees and visitors alike find their way. Wherever wayfinding products are needed, there is a 2/90 Sign Systems solution that is helping people find their way.

Our corporate wayfinding roots started with Slide, a revolutionary and highly visible wayfinding solution designed to adapt in the open-plan environment. It was one of the first systems allowing the user to simply replace the copy insert rather than the entire sign when change occurred.

2/90 Sign Systems solutions for corporate facilities are dynamic and create a positive environment for staff and visitors. Solutions include:

  1. Wayfinding analysis with programming
  2. Fabrication of a system of interior and exterior facility signage with static, changeable and digital messaging
  3. Professional demolition and installation to ensure the program’s success
  4. Maintenance programs for easy reordering and updating

Learn how we provided solutions for the following corporate clients:

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Acrisure – Grand Rapids, MI (PDF)

Johns Hopkins Hospital Administration Building – Hanover, MD (PDF)

TCF Bank – Grand Rapids, MI (PDF)

Visteon Case Study – Van Buren Township, MI (PDF)