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Our PlusOne Workstation Nameplate was created to help dealers easily sell a nameplate with every workstation. Everything is pre-determined: the sign, size, and color, just choose the mount! The nameplate comes blank so no worrying about a message schedule; the client prints their names with supplied-perforated paper using an online template. PlusOne is stocked and ready to ship in as little as one week!

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  • PRODUCT – PlusOne Workstation Nameplate Model #290+1.
  • SPECS – 2”x8.5” silver nameplate with blank white paper insert.
  • LEAD-TIME – in little as 1 week.
  • PRICE – Economical | NET Pricing | Zero S&H (Contiguous United States)
  • MAINTENANCE – Client downloads template to print names on supplied perforated paper.
  • MOUNT – Tape, Magnet, Hook & Loop, Pin, Saddle, and Side-Saddle.
  • EMAIL – Shannon at with your purchase order today.

Print your name.

PlusOne is easy to maintain with supplied-perforated paper and online templates. Select Nameplate Instructions for details and select your desired formatted template below.

Nameplate Instructions  Download Default Laser-Print Template 

One line of copy Two lines of copy
3/8″ 1/2″ 1/2″ Logo 5/8″ 1″ 1/2″ & 3/8″ 1/2″ & 1/2″ 5/8″ 3/4″ 1″
2″ x 8.5″


Makes PlusOne easy, economical and fast.


Nameplates come blank. Clients can easily maintain changes with supplied-perforated paper and online templates.


PlusOne is priced economically. By limiting options we are able to pass the savings onto you and your clients.


PlusOne is inventoried for quick lead-times. One week for orders under 200. Two weeks for larger orders.



Mounting Options

Installation Instructions.

PlusOne Workstation Nameplate is available in 6 standard mounting options to meet a variety of installation applications for office furniture workstations. Sign pricing includes mount at no additional cost.

Looking for a long-term relationship?

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Custom Options

PlusOne is available with all of the options you’ve come to love with our sign systems. Choose your favorite frame or paper color, let us provide laser print copy or choose a different mount from our standard selection. Please note, fees may apply and lead-time will be affected.

Contact Sales @ 800.777.4310 for more options.

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