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Choose VitalSign, the medical alert message system

Designed to help prevent the spread of infectious disease

VitalSign is an architectural sign solution for communicating critical care information to hospital staff, visitors, and patients.

The self-contained messages on your VitalSign board can be changed with a magnetic tool – reducing the need for human hands to touch the sign’s surface. We’ve eliminated extended message tabs that give germs somewhere to hide. VitalSign signs are also easily and thoroughly cleaned.

VitalSign is available in an endless array of sign options and message configurations.

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Choose from a collection of standard color-code medical alert messages or customized sliders in any color, symbol, or configuration. The messages are self-contained within our Slide sign system providing security, durability, and ease of maintenance. Sign size is determined by the number of messages and the sign options needed.

  • Room identification can be added for ADA compliancy.
  • An erasable writing board with a template for handwritten information can also be incorporated.
  • Clients can choose a standard template or integrate their brand in a custom design.
  • Other options include a holder for markers or a SmartStrip™ to display laminated or paper messages.