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Healthcare Case Studies

First-Aid for Wayfinding.

2/90 Sign Systems is a leading signage manufacturer with a proven history of successfully implementing design-build facility signage programs for healthcare clients throughout the United States.

Hospital visitors and patients have a lot on their minds. Navigating a complex medical facility should not be one of them. 2/90 has over 40 years of experience in helping our clients solve their facility signage challenges. Our design-build approach offers a holistic signage experience for patients, visitors, and staff while providing superior product solutions for the built environment.

Through our collaborative design-build process, 2/90 specializes in developing signage programs that complement the architectural aesthetic while solving unique communication challenges with identification, wayfinding, life-safety, medical regulatory, and informational messaging. 2/90’s modular signage systems and turnkey services offer a sustainable product solution to reduce facility maintenance costs and improve patient satisfaction through positive facility experiences.

2/90 Sign Systems solutions include:

  1. Wayfinding programs
  2. Fabrication of a system of interior and exterior facility signage with static, changeable, and digital messaging
  3. Professional demolition and installation to ensure the program’s success
  4. Maintenance programs for easy reordering and updating


PROVEN WAYFINDING SOLUTIONS. RESULTS™ is a collection of interior signs designed for the healthcare environment. Choose from one of the standard 2/90 palettes or let us help a custom palette to match your brand and environment. RESULTS is available in any 2/90 modular sign system platform and includes identification, wayfinding, life-safety, medical regulatory, and informational sign types.

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Learn how we provided solutions for the following healthcare clients:

Fauquier Hospital Case Study –  Warrenton, VA (PDF)

Grand Rapids Ophthalmology Case Study – Grand Rapids, MI (PDF)

Johns Hopkins Medicine – Baltimore, MD (PDF)



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