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When, not if, change happens, 2/90 Sign Systems helps take the pain out of it.

2/90 Sign Systems window signs provide communication where it matters most. The right message, in the right location, at the right time makes all the difference to ensure everyone has the information they need now.

Messages™ Window Signs are available in our three standard sign systems. Choose your sign type and system. No specifying needed; we’ve selected our most popular finishes and options. Signs are inventoried for a speedy delivery in as little as one week.

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Portrait Window Sign

Adhesive wall mount - 11" X 8.5"

Arc Portrait Window Sign

Black with Satin Natural Edge Rails

Slide Portrait Window Sign

Black with Satin Natural End Caps

KlikLess Portrait Window Sign


Landscape Window Sign

Adhesive wall mount - 11" X 17"

Arc Landscape Window Sign

Black with Satin Natural Edge Rails

Slide Landscape Window Sign

Black with Satin Natural End Caps

KlikLess Landscape Window Sign


Portrait Window Sign

Freestanding - 11" X 8.5"

Arc Freestanding Sign

Black with Satin Natural Edge Rails
2-sided Viewing Area

Slide Freestanding Sign

Black with Satin Natural End Caps
2-sided Viewing Area

KlikLess Freestanding Sign

1-sided Viewing Area


Down to the details.

Lead-time in as little as one week. Sign size and finish varies depending on selected sign system. Sign finishes are black with Satin Natural Aluminum where illustrated on Arc and Slide. Signs come with complementary laser print message as pictured or client can print their own. Arc and Slide Freestanding Window Signs are 2-sided; KlikLess is 1-sided.

For detailed specification sign drawings, download here. For pricing and additional sizes and finishes, contact Client Services at 800.777.4310 or

Printable Messages

We're here to help.

For your convenience, we’ve downloaded a few CDC COVID-19 related messages to use in your facility to inform staff and visitors. In addition to general messages, we also included healthcare-specific messages along with 2/90 complementary messages. Information continues to change, so please visit the CDC for additional messaging.

Providing Sustainable Sign Systems for Over 40 Years

2/90 Products

A System for Change... we are here for you.

During these uncertain times one thing is for certain; a changeable sign system is necessary to maintain clear and effective communications. 2/90’s sign systems were designed for changeability. When messages change, simply replace inserts, not the entire sign!

With rapidly changing information, you need a sign system that can respond quickly and clearly. Plaques address an easy, inexpensive solution when communicating. However, they don’t accommodate change and need to be thrown away at the end of life. It’s not a sustainable way to sign an everchanging environment.

2/90 Sign Systems has been providing sustainable sign solutions for over 40 years. Whether departments are relocating or extra precautions are needed, 2/90’s sign systems are ready to adapt. Let us help you find your way with our flexible products.

When, not if, change happens, 2/90 Sign Systems helps take the pain out of it.


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