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Essentials works to help you plan, purchase and conform to code.

Whether you’re in healthcare, education, retail, public housing, parking, transportation or more, Essentials is an “Anxiety Remover” only 2/90 Sign Systems can offer. With Essentials you simply choose your style: Arc, Slide or Klik, and then your 2/90 Sign Systems expert will create an Essentials program-package that covers all the bases – the signs you want, and most importantly, the signs you need. We can even help install and maintain them for you.

When you choose Essentials by 2/90 Sign Systems, we remove any and all concerns about getting it right – the 1st time.

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When finishing out, refurbishing or redesigning a workplace or facility, it’s easy to overlook the essential sign details. Beyond the art and design, so much of signage is mandated and automatic – restrooms, parking, elevator, fire exits… and so on. Your 2/90 Sign Systems Essentials package will include everything necessary to complete your wayfinding buildout, including a selection of signs for identification, direction, information, and directories.

Arc Essentials

Don’t let the elegant profile and sophisticated curves fool you. Behind its sleek exterior, Arc gives you all the creative flexibility, easy updates, and economic value of a modular sign.

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Check-out our complete offering of Arc signs or contact Client Services at 800.777.4310.

Slide Essentials

Slide’s reusable aluminum rail system and replaceable inserts give you complete creative control over your signs. Order a new insert or print one yourself for instant, economical updates.

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Check-out our complete offering of Slide signs or contact Client Services at 800.777.4310.

Klik Essentials

Everything you love about our Slide Sign System in a frameless, front-loading sign system.

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Check-out our complete offering of Klik signs or contact Client Services at 800.777.4310.

Enhanced Essentials

Essentials Plus is a standard offering of backers in shapes and sizes to enhance our Essential offering of Modular and Arc signs.

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Essentials Plus Specifications:

Still hungering for more design options? Let Essentials Plus satisfy your appetite. Choose from 12 shapes with infinite patterns, colors and materials. Standard material for Enhanced backers is 1/4″ clear acrylic with patterns and color subsurface. Other materials include first-surface painted, wood/aluminum laminates, and custom materials. We recommend screw mount for Enhanced signs. Tape mount is an available option if used in conjunction with liquid adhesive during installation. Sign type 2B is available with desk mount in select shapes.


Shapes You’ll Love!

Essentials Plus offers 6 standard shapes available in single and double backers. Click on each image to populate an entire family of signs.

Patterns Galore!

Over 20 standard patterns are available in black and white. Other colors available with nominal set-up fee on minimum orders.

We are constantly adding new patterns. Find the whole collection below or visit our Design Center to see the latest.